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  • Bimotics


    Good to know.

    Go from "what does this mean?" to "that's good to know!" and grow your business with your own dashboards and metrics. Bimotics makes business data available for analysis, whether in our Big Data and Cloud BI tools or business dashboards for SMB. 

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  • Sunny Dashboards

    Essential Analytics

    At your fingertips. In minutes.

    Connect to your data right away and answer important questions. With our busines dashboards, SMBs can see data like never before. Connect to your business apps, select your metrics and access your online dashboard. Get to good to know!

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  • Big Data

    No Big Deal.

    Bimotics has simplified data and file importing into Google BigQuery, saving you time and money. Manage updates, organize the files and track your activities. Terabytes of complex data under control.

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  • Introducing marvin.

    Load and update BigQuery effortlessly

    Bimotics is proud to announce the launch of our big data tool, marvin. Simplify data and file importing into Google BigQuery, saving you time and money. Manage updates, organize the files and track your activities.

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The Bimotics Advantage in Analytics and SaaS BI



Self Service

Self Service

Surveys say many small business owners believe BI technology is too confusing, complicated and expensive. Bimotics has listened and solved this problem- simplifying the process of getting you the needed information.

Instant Connection

Instant Connection

Use Bimotics to connect with your data, wherever it resides. Our app connectors bring your data to your finger tips in a visual, meaningful and actionable way. Gain access and command of your data instantaneously.

Made for everyone

Sized for everyone

Different users can connect to the specific information they need regardless of where or how much data is involved. Bimotics is flexible and scalable- use what you need big and small.

Unleash the power of analytics using the Google Cloud Platform by starting with marvin.,  big data tool.

Bimotics makes our software 100% free to get started.

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Susan Amat

Fort Lauderdale-based Bimotics is a business intelligence startup aimed to help companies maintain a pulse on their operations and performance, achieved by providing integrated real-time access to system application information through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Susan Amat, Florida Startup Scene
Jose E. Perez

We are very excited to be working with Bimotics as they are providing technology leading value for the deep data analysis we need. As they take care of our analytics infrastructure needs, we can focus on mining the data and delivering our service. They are a big data service with the speed and ability to scale.

- Jose E. Perez, CFO MCCG
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